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Okay, basically I am tired of using the current rating system that I have in place for rating flash movies and games, so I am switching it up some. I will still use the system when I feel like it, but I will still leave some actual reviews, minus all of the numbers, percentages, et cetera. Having to bring up my base sheet every single time I want to write a review for something has been a deterrent, and I haven't been writing as many reviews as I would like because of it.

I figured, "Hey, I am the one who says what I will and will not write, so why not just do something different. It's not like anyone actually expects anything from me, why not?", and then I made my mind.

While I may not be using the system anymore, I will be going in depth still, and I will be trying to provide useful information in my reviews, aside from nonsensical one word sentences. I also encourage others to give the good people who submit flash movies and games reviews that are thought out, though I know with the sheer number of people of here that will never happen.

Stay in school.

Point Goals

2011-02-18 04:12:04 by PenguinExplosion

I have made a "Point Goal Chart" for myself, and it holds the information on the points that I have got from various games with medals. My ultimate goal is 100,000 points, but more people will have to make more games with medals for that to happen, as I am positively horrible at any type of game that need good aim. Anyways, on to the chart.

Goal 1 - 1,000 points ~ Achieved!
Goal 2 - 3,500 points ~ Achieved!
Goal 3 - 5,000 points ~ Achieved!
Goal 4 - 7,500 points ~ Achieved!
Goal 5 - 10,000 points ~ Achieved!
Goal 6 - 13,500 points ~ Achieved!
Goal 7 - 15,000 points ~ Achieved!
Goal 8 - 17,500 points ~ Working on it!

This is subject to be edited/added on to at any time.

A small rant.

2011-01-12 13:51:38 by PenguinExplosion

I am warning you before you read this, this may piss some people off. That is quite alright though, because you are entitled to your opinions, as am I.

Medals. I don't understand why so many people feel the need to tell the authors of great games that it "needs" medals. Do not misunderstand me though, I am not anti-medals, I quite like earning virtual points which hold no value in the real world, and earning these medals to show achievements I have made within the game.

Medals do not change anything about a game. They do not magically improve the graphics, they do not drastically change the gameplay. When I find a great game where the graphics, sound, configuration, humor, and everything about it is wonderful, I will often find people who comment and say repeatedly that it "needs" medals. Why does this game "need" medals? It doesn't, it's just the commenter wanting to show achievements they have received for completing a game.

My overall point is that a game does not need medals to be great. Some games with medals aren't so great, and are down right awful. I don't understand why some people will insist, even giving a low amount of stars for lack of medals, that the author must take time out of their schedule, get together with those who allow medals on games, make special graphics for these medals, come up with a fair scoring value, and add medals to their game. It's rather self-centered if you ask me.

Edit: I have been told that re-programming the game is not necessary for adding medals, so I took that part off.

My Rating System

2011-01-11 18:41:05 by PenguinExplosion

I have a simple rating system that I use for all of my reviews. I will share it with you here, and how I do my ratings. This post is for those who don't understand why I give something 94% and rate it with 10 stars.

Music - /10

Voice Acting/Sound Effects - /10

Humor/Fun I had while playing - /10

Animation - /10

Length - /10

Gameplay(For games only) - /10


I rate each category out of 10. Say I have a 9.4/10 total, that transfers into 94%, and thus, 10 stars. I add the ratings of each category, then divide by 5, (Six if it's a game.), and that's my percent. My scale for the final star allotment is as follows:

0% - 0 stars
1-10% - 1 stars
11-20% - 2 stars
21-30% - 3 stars
31-40% - 4 stars
41-50% - 5 stars
51-60% - 6 stars
61-70% - 7 stars
71-80% - 8 stars
81-90% - 9 stars
91-100% - 10 stars