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A small rant.

2011-01-12 13:51:38 by PenguinExplosion

I am warning you before you read this, this may piss some people off. That is quite alright though, because you are entitled to your opinions, as am I.

Medals. I don't understand why so many people feel the need to tell the authors of great games that it "needs" medals. Do not misunderstand me though, I am not anti-medals, I quite like earning virtual points which hold no value in the real world, and earning these medals to show achievements I have made within the game.

Medals do not change anything about a game. They do not magically improve the graphics, they do not drastically change the gameplay. When I find a great game where the graphics, sound, configuration, humor, and everything about it is wonderful, I will often find people who comment and say repeatedly that it "needs" medals. Why does this game "need" medals? It doesn't, it's just the commenter wanting to show achievements they have received for completing a game.

My overall point is that a game does not need medals to be great. Some games with medals aren't so great, and are down right awful. I don't understand why some people will insist, even giving a low amount of stars for lack of medals, that the author must take time out of their schedule, get together with those who allow medals on games, make special graphics for these medals, come up with a fair scoring value, and add medals to their game. It's rather self-centered if you ask me.

Edit: I have been told that re-programming the game is not necessary for adding medals, so I took that part off.


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2011-01-12 14:24:49

People are addicted to medal-whoring. Some go as far as thinking the only reason they should bother playing games is to get medals. It's pathetic, I know, but then again, so are the people (mostly 12 year olds and idiots) who do it.


2011-01-13 13:29:59

"I like earning virtual points which hold no value in the real world"
Real world? So this is not real? Just because it's virtual doesn't mean it's not real, it is. Watch what you say before you make big statements :) From the dictionary: "Over time the adjective [virtually] has been applied to things that really exist and are created or carried on by means of computers" Do not use the expression "real world" because it is incorrect.

Also, the author does not need to "re-program the game and get together with those who allow medals" to implement them. Don't lie. It is important not to lie when arguing because otherwise you can lose your point since your not being truthful.

Take that in consideration next time you rant. It will reduce the possibilities of a counterargument.

About your opinion, I have nothing to say. That doesn't mean I agree or not.

PenguinExplosion responds:

*Sigh* What I state are my opinions. Yes, a computer is real, it exists, and yes the game exists, my usage of the statement, "real world", is similar to when parents tell their children that once they get out of high school, they will get into the, "real world". It has nothing to do with non-existence.

Considering that I often read in various game descriptions that their medals are awaiting approval, then how is it not getting together with those who allow them? As for the re-programming, I have never programed a game, much less re-programed one, so it was a statement out of ignorance, on what I assumed they had to do. I was in no way trying to lie to anyone.


2011-02-03 04:34:33

reason: a significant number of NG users are statewhores who don't have a life. they spend a lot of time trying to gain as many medal points as possible and compete against one another for earning the most medal points. this may as well be the only meaning of their pathetic lives.
they feel uncomfortable if their hard-earned achievemts are not shown in their profiles. and express their anger through reviews even thought it has nothing to do with the quality of submission.