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Entry #4

Discontinuing Current Rating System

2011-03-30 10:42:03 by PenguinExplosion

Okay, basically I am tired of using the current rating system that I have in place for rating flash movies and games, so I am switching it up some. I will still use the system when I feel like it, but I will still leave some actual reviews, minus all of the numbers, percentages, et cetera. Having to bring up my base sheet every single time I want to write a review for something has been a deterrent, and I haven't been writing as many reviews as I would like because of it.

I figured, "Hey, I am the one who says what I will and will not write, so why not just do something different. It's not like anyone actually expects anything from me, why not?", and then I made my mind.

While I may not be using the system anymore, I will be going in depth still, and I will be trying to provide useful information in my reviews, aside from nonsensical one word sentences. I also encourage others to give the good people who submit flash movies and games reviews that are thought out, though I know with the sheer number of people of here that will never happen.

Stay in school.


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